For Auditors and Regulators

improve efficiency 400x300Global Compliance Systems provides software and services for auditors of money remittance businesses. Our products verify and validate that a company being audited is following the applicable laws and regulations.

Many auditors and regulators use spreadsheets to find inappropriate transactions by sorting thousands of transactions.  GCS software automates that task. To see this process in action, watch one of our video tutorials.  

Focus on Analysis

Through easy-to-navigate web pages, GCS can upload millions of transactions, analyze them, and create reports of lapses.  Quickly perform analysis of data integrity, customer identification, risk analysis, fraud detection, transaction aggregation, screening, and other similar functions.

GCS generates reports that show all transactions that do not meet the minimum requirements of laws and regulations.  With this system, auditors can quickly determine the will, skill, and ability of a company to faithfully execute its obligations. 

Try it yourself! Email us for a free demo account code and drill down into our sample data set.