For MRB and MSB Consultants

businesspeople talk compliance 400x299Global Compliance Systems provides software and services for consultants to money remittance and money service business.  Our products help consultants verify and validate that the companies they are working with are following the laws and regulations of countries around the world.

Automate Your Compliance Analysis

Through easy-to-navigate web pages, GCS can upload millions of transactions, analyze them, and create reports of lapses. The system performs real-time analysis of data integrity, customer identification, risk analysis, fraud detection, transaction aggregation, and other similar functions. Watch a video tutorial to see the process in action.

GCS generates reports that show where companies need to improve.  The system flags all transactions that do not meet the laws and regulations of the states, regions, and countries of both the source and destination.

With GCS, consultants can quickly help their clients determine if they are vulnerable to an auditory disaster. Try it yourself! Email us for a free demo account code and drill down into our sample data set.